Tease the fuck out of me.


Pin me down and gently drag your lips and fingertips all over my skin. Put your mouth on my neck and use your teeth to send chills down my spine. Climb on top of me. Look deep into my eyes. Press that cunning smile against my wanting lips. Bite my lip. Make me whimper. Pull my hair. Help me let out some sweet little moans for you. Whisper in my ear everything you could do to me, everything you want to do to me…then don’t. Make me want it. Make my body beg for it.

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get your game ondrive safe


get your game on
drive safe

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raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a girl

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Did you know that I haven’t had peanut butter in a decade because she has an allergy? I mean, it wasn’t all bad. She was the only person I could watch Dance Moms marathons with because she only talks through commercials. And every year for my birthday she does these little scavenger hunts. Oh, and last year when my gam-gam died, she was the only person who could make me laugh.

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MTV’s “Faking It” Is Pretty Good, For Real

MTV’s “Faking It” Is Pretty Good, For Real


When I first saw the trailer for MTV’s new teen dramedy “Faking It,” I was confused, but mostly appalled. Really? A show about best friends deciding to masquerade as a lesbian couple in order to improve their popularity? At a time when LGBTQ…

Having someone you really care about pretend to be held for ransom really makes you rethink how you actually feel about them.

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Oh we’re fucked

First of all. That’s the first time I think a gay kiss has gone on longer than a straight kiss in the same show that I can remember. (Also equal number of kisses)

Second. Karma is all “whoa” and Amy is like “I know” as in “I think I’m in love with you” and Then Karma is all “way to sell it” and Amy’s looking at the camera (us) and we ALL are like….fuck

I’m all in. Which means yet another blonde/brunette to ruin everything

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